We Understand And Fully Support The Notion That Individual Travelers Should Have The Ability To Travel To Greece And Visit Areas And Locations That Are Of Special Interest To Them Only. We Work With You To Be Able To Provide All The Necessary Assistance In Organizing Such Visits.

We know that you are constantly using your mobile phone, your laptop or other devices to remain connected with your colleagues and clients during your business trips. Being able to access your e-mail, join a video meeting or open large file attachments quickly and efficiently is extremely important. Therefore, we make sure that all our venues provide you with quick access to the Internet.

Tailor making a trip is a personal and important task. We use our deep knowledge of Greece, old fashioned customer service values and special travel industry partners to produce a trip of a lifetime for each individual traveler.

While everything is possible, it must be noted that often arrangements must be made well ahead of time and substitutions might become necessary.

 Our services include but are not limited to:


Archeological Tours

Culture – Religious Tours

Wedding Events

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