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About us.

The Andy’s Tours family, a premier destination management company for over 45 years has grown to become a full service hospitality management company, providing its travel partners with a complete array of hospitality services throughout Greece. Unsurpassed service quality coupled with great product value, are our guarantees. Providing unique quality ways to experience and love Greece is our constant focus.

The true family spirit that has guided Andy’s Tours since its inception is still alive and provides the guiding light for the future. The second generation of the Andy’s Tours family is at the helm of the company, while the third generation is waiting in the wings. The people of Andy’s Tours are its strength and its biggest asset.

From individuals who want to enjoy the peace and relaxation of a fabulous Aegean resort, to tour groups traveling on a quest to discover glimpses of our historic past, and from award winners of incentive travel campaigns on a search for the ultimate reward, to busy business professionals hurried for time during yet another coffee break, one desire is always constant… to enjoy the best that Greece has to offer and live an extraordinary experience, one that will be remembered and cherished.

Andy’s Tours is all about that, providing extraordinary Greek travel experiences, so join us and become part of our family of travel partners.

our past

Back in 1969, in the center of Athens, Greece, near Syntagma Square, the heart of Athenian life then and today, a new travel company was being born. Aggelos (Andy) Vassiliades and two members of his immediate family decided that the time had come to establish a new company to handle the ever increasing number of incoming tourists to Athens, offering personalized services and focusing on service quality.

Their experience in the travel industry was already significant despite their youth. They called the fledgling company Andy’s Tours, after all, everybody knew him as and called him Andy, and they dreamed of a company that would one day be known as the pre-eminent travel company in Greece.

Andy’s Tours started handling travel arrangements for numerous international travel partners and their travel customers. We don’t find it surprising that ALL these travel partners are still active over 45 years later and are still customers and friends. It is a testament to the

will, hard working ethic and drive of Andy Vassiliades and the founding members of Andy’s Tours.

The history and past of Andy’s Tours is well preserved today in a family museum, housed in the company headquarters in Athens. It is for all to see and is an inspiration to the next generations of Andy’s Tours travel professionals.

Our Present & Future

Destination Knowledge

We don’t just specialize in Greece… Greece is all we do. All our efforts and hard work are to provide extraordinary experiences for our guests. We can only guarantee this by making sure that we know every corner of our country, every place worth visiting and exploring.

In this unique and exciting travel destination, even the remotest area has travel opportunities to offer, that are worth sampling and enjoying. Every year over 100.000 travelers to Greece are entrusted in our hands by our business partners and we try to make their visit a most memorable experience.


We are proud of our ability to design and fulfill unique travel programs. From specialized small winery visit experiences, to large corporate events at Aegean island resorts. We travel throughout Greece to discover what is new and what we think has the potential to become a successful travel program.

We focus on delivering fresh ideas or delivering old programs with a new twist. We strongly believe that it is important to always add something new to a program often repeated. We strive to develop extraordinary travel experiences with a flare.


Our staff of travel professionals is uniquely trained and equipped to plan, manage and deliver the most demanding and exclusive travel program to any part of Greece. We provide destination management services and tailor made travel experiences for both groups and individual guests, offering unparalleled service, drawing upon the experience of our staff.

Over 300 years of combined travel experience make us a team second to none. Our entire staff is comprised of career travel professionals that have the ability and knowledge to successfully manage any travel program in our part of the world.



Our staff are based in regional offices across the country, and include an International program partnering with organizations worldwide, a Policy & Legislation team strengthening environmental laws and upholding our legal accomplishments and a Communications team focused on strategic media and advocacy campaigns.



  • Stathis (Steve) Vasileiadis
  • Vaggelis (Evan) Vasileiadis

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  • Sakis Adamopoulos
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  • Konstantinos Pavlidis
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